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5 Secrets to Look and Feel Young, Longer!

We must know a number of women around us who simply refuse to age gracefully and use shortcuts to hide their age. The visible signs of aging can be hidden temporarily by using different creams etc. but what about inside you? Here are 5 pro tips for staying young and fully alive naturally.

Don't let stress eat your age

If you're currently stressed about anything like long-term unemployment, money or anxiety attacks — Stop! Because stress is the major factor that speeds up aging. Have you ever noticed that why kids seem so happy? The reason is that this phase of life is such where nothing bothers them. They play, they sing, they apprise the moments without worrying about tomorrow and in reality, this is life. One shouldn't be stressed about ongoing negativity in their life because somehow time has to be passed and a new day will rise with bliss. So, think less and see the positive aspects as much as you can.

Sip green tea

The health buzz about green tea has no substitute and this brew is best of all when it comes to reducing the risk of breast cancer and of course aging. Green tea keeps the metabolism game up and won't let you look older anytime soon. Sipping two or three cups daily is the simplest way if you are serious about setting your goals to fight against aging.

Remain active

Keeping your mind and body active is yet another better way of aging well. Remember, regular yoga and 20 minutes of exercise is a must in order to keep your joints flexible. If you are already aged enough for heavy exercises, then go for lighter ones such as swimming or morning walk. These lighter exercises can also help you in the same way without any negative impact on your health.  If not clear about where to start and how to start, you can consult physician online from the comfort of your home and take a plan of easy exercises depending on your lifestyle.

Never compromise on sleep

Sound sleep is the solution to countless health issues. Getting sound sleep every day is highly recommendable to age well. Try to stick with 7 hours of sleep at night; as suggested by numerous other health blogs and health magazines. A good night's sleep is crucial to better health and emotional well-being. As you age, sleep plays a significant role to maintain concentration and memory formation, not only this – a better sleeping habit has the power to prevent you from age-related diseases. Similarly, lack of sleep leads you towards mood swings and faster aging, as there is no other way to repair damaged cells and reenergizing of your immune system.

Say ‘NO' too cheap products

There is a general saying you will spend once if you spend more. Cheap products are always harmful to your skin as they possess so many dangerous chemicals. Using cheap products may seem beneficial for your pocket but unfortunately not for your health and skin. Instead, go for well-known brands such as Body Shop, Maybelline, Olay or L'Oreal and age gracefully.


By following the above pro tips, you can slow or even reverse some effects of the aging process. Have a happy and healthy life.



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